A little about me!

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Let me tell you a little about myself, my name Is Jayne and I am a single mother of Ella who has just turned 3 years old.

My previous employment was office related, generally customer service and using In-house systems so I am not a whiz on computers (yet)!, I have also travelled a great deal as I was lucky enough to work for Virgin Atlantic for 3 years as an In-flight beauty therapist.

I have just been bought a T42 Laptop and want to get on the blogging bandwagon, but have no Idea what I’m doing as I’m a complete novice at all this.

Stick with me and you will be getting a step by step guide on how I have done.

My goal Is to become a bloglines expert and In order to do that there are few little hurdles I need to get over first, one being what is RSS? and what is Bloglines?.

So with just my brain, T42 laptop and “WWW” let’s see how I get on! Wish me luck!


Do you have a Blog?

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First things first, do you have a blog?, I had a blog, but started It without knowing how to write It properly, this caused me endless problems and delays through my lack of knowledge, I didnt even know how to apply a link “which Is really Important when blogging because It makes your blog more Interesting to readers, so my advice to you Is “get to know the fundamentals of blogging”.

How To Link In your Blog

1) Copy the “URL” you want from your web browser (URL is the address in you browser ie http://www.wordpress.com)
2) In the “Write post” section of your dashboard click your curser where you want the text to be, then click on the Icon that reads HTML, then paste your URL in there. If you try to do it directly Into your post you will not get the paste option when you right click.

3) Click “update” (you should now see your URL in your post window).

4) Highlight your URL and Click on the “link” Icon (you will not be able to click on this Icon until your URL Is highlighted!)

5) paste your URL into “Link URL” and click “Insert”.

6) Then once your post is completed click “SAVE”.

There are lots of different blog sites out there but the best one I found Is at “wordpress”

What Is RSS?

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I had to find out what RSS meant and the best way to get Information Is the “WWW” I did a search on “what Is RSS” In Google and It came up with the following link which Personally I thought was a really good and an easy to read description.
Once I had established what RSS (really simple syndication) was and that you needed to find an aggregator that would supply these RSS feeds this nicely led me onto my next step, “Finding my aggregator”

I had actually had a tip off about a good aggregator called “Bloglines” there are others you can use which are also free and the is no Installing software either.

I now needed to know eactly how to use this site, I must admit, It is relatively easy to use but I searched on google and found a chap with a great blog called “betterdays”
Preetam has definately helped me understand and there Is an easy step by step guide on how to get started.

And Finally

This has been a real challenge for me, however I have really enjoyed learning about RSS and Bloglines with the help from other bloggers, I hope you find this site useful and please feel free to comment.

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